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Mani Monday!

AHOY, friends!! We found a fun new way to do NAUTICAL! We used the straight strips that come in this french manicure kit to make our stripes! Might be one of the easiest nail art manicures ever! Painting stripes can be a big challenge, but this is pretty simple…

  1. Paint the base navy blue. We used American Apparel’s “Passport Blue” polish $6
  2. Next, apply the white strips from the Sally Hansen’s French Manicure Kit $6.50
  3. Using small scissors or cuticle nippers, clip the strips as close to the edge of your nail as possible.
  4. Use a thin paint brush to create hearts on the nail wherever you want. Here we used Essie’s “Geranium” $7.50 to make ours.

Last but not least, apply your top coat! Our favorite is Sally Hansen’s Insta-Dri $4.04 because it dries SO fast.

Enjoy your Monday everyone!!

(credit The Beauty Department)

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